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Whole Home Renovation

Woburn, MA

Phase 1: Kitchen renovation, including removing walls to open the space up to the dining and living areas.

Phase 2: A new garage bay addition, with large bedroom above. The main hallway bathroom was re-configured and expanded, which now has a large wet room style shower with soaking tub in it.  Custom wall niches with summery mosaic tile provide a happy pop of color. The large soaking tub has a floor-mounted faucet giving an elegant touch to the space. The double sink vanity and full size closet allow plenty of storage space for this family. On the exterior, we re-sided the entire house in a beautiful blue color. We also gave a facelift to the front staircase by wrapping it in a stone veneer with granite steps and landing, and continuing a paver walkway all the way over to the newly paved driveway. 

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