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Ready, Set, Sell!

Ready, Set, Sell!

3 step guide to get your home ready for the Spring selling season

As all New Englanders know, the thaw out from Winter can leave behind a bit of mess. We’re offering these quick tips for sprucing up your home when Spring arrives.

Step 1: Cleaning

First and foremost, the good old “Spring cleaning” process is essential. Both inside and outside your home, there are many small cleanups that go a long way. Start by giving all the windows a good scrub; from the glass to the sill, make sure all the dust and dirt is cleared away. A bright, sunny room will actually appear larger than it is. And potential buyers will likely test out a window or two to ensure proper function.

Continue throughout the house, purging and organizing where possible. Clutter can be distracting, so tuck away non-essential items and store out of view from buyers. Outside your home, you’ll want to rake up any leaves and twigs on the lawn, and prune any overgrown shrubs.

Step 2: Maintenance

The next area of focus should be on basic home maintenance. We’ll start from the top - Check the roof for any signs of potential issues – missing or torn shingles, mold growth, etc. Next, make sure the gutters are clear and working properly, keeping water flowing away from the foundation. As you walk around your house, note any areas of concern on the siding or window trim. A little touch up paint or quick power wash may be all you need. If you see any rot, you may need to replace it. Also take a look at the foundation to make sure there are no cracks. No one wants to deal with water in their home’s basement! Inside, check to make sure things like light bulbs, doors, windows, and sinks are all in working order.

Step 3: Polish

The finishing touches, the wow-factor…often overlooked, but can influence a quick, easy sale. You’ve cleaned up and repaired any issues. Now it’s time help buyers visualize living in this space. On the exterior, place potted plants and flowers around the front door and walkway, or even go a step further and consider new landscaping if yours is a bit tired. Inside, take a fresh look at your furniture arrangement – does it maximize the space in your rooms? Does it restrict the flow of an open house walk-through? Keep furniture to a minimum if you can. You want to stage your home to appeal to a broad audience. If you are a fan of bright wall paint colors, consider painting over with a neutral off-white or grey color, so as not to distract buyers as soon as they walk in the door. One last quick tip is to set a few vases of fresh cut flowers or greenery around your home to give it some life.

Now you’re ready to show and sell!

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