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Project Spotlight - Basement Renovation in Arlington, MA

Are you considering finishing or remodeling your home's basement? If you're on the fence, consider this - Adding functional living space is a great way to enjoy your home more and get the most out of your investment! You should never feel bad or that money invested in your home is a waste of resources. Equity accrues as you make improvements, large or small.

When you make repairs or invest in home improvements, you are also indirectly investing in your local real estate market. In the Northeast we're lucky to be more resilient against the US market fluctuations, and have seen a steady increase in real estate values over the last 5 years with steady, small appreciation still anticipated for the future. Home maintenance will preserve the current value of your home. Improvements such as new kitchens, bathrooms and additional living space will increase the market value and make you a wise investor in the long run.

PROJECT SPOTLIGHT - Basement Renovation

We recently completed this basement renovation for an awesome family in Arlington, MA which involved finishing the lower level of their new construction home. The large open area can now be used for entertaining, play, or just lounging!

Check out a few before and after pictures below.

We started by framing the area to match the client's vision for the space, which consisted of 3 spaces, a staircase leading down to a large open family room, a utility closet, and a storage area underneath the staircase.

All the recessed lighting, outlets, TV hookups and HVAC were neatly installed and covered up with closed-cell spray foam insulation, providing the highest r-value available and sealing in the energy bill savings. The flooring is durable engineered wood, and we carpeted the staircase to make them quiet and comfortable. We maximized the ceiling height and kept the lighting recessed to give the room an open, airy feel. On the finish side, the client wanted an accent wall color to create a focal point for the space, which is a great way to add an unexpected and fun design element.

We hope the family enjoys their new living space!

If you want more information on how you can have a space like this one, contact us here!

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