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5 Signs You Need a New Roof

5 Signs You Need a New Roof

How are you supposed to know when to put a new roof on? You certainly don’t want to wait until a leak wakes you up!

Check out these five warning signs. Be prepared and don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

1. I found a shingle in my yard after this winter.

Winter in New England is the true test for any home’s roof. We use specialized products; unique to New England to suit the extreme weather we receive all year. From the freezing ice and snow that clings to the roof all winter to the extreme heat and humidity beating down on the roof all summer. If you find a loose shingle around your home, your roof is starting to fail. Contact us today to start preparing for your roof replacement. Whether the roof needs to be done next week or next year we will help you assess and plan.

2. Faded, blotchy and streaky areas on your roof surface.

When your roof begins to fail, the oils dry up and the shingles become brittle. After you have found a few in your yard and you take a closer look at your roof, you will notice the color is inconsistent and often with vertical streaking. This is a result of the watershed and ice deteriorating the roof over time. Once the roof starts to dry out there is no going back and it will begin to fail, eventually leaking in valleys and along cheek walls first.

3. Natural light in the attic.

Do you have natural light coming through anywhere in your attic? This is not a good way to get free solar lighting! Often times a small leak can be identified during the day by searching for daylight while in a dark attic space. A small leak can go undetected for long periods of time if the insulation is sopping up the water before it makes a stain or puddle in any living areas. A periodic check of the underside of your roof sheathing will give you all the info you need to make sure leaks aren’t happening behind your back. Check for discolored insulation or water marks down any roof rafters.

4. Bubbling or peeling paint and water stains.

Interior paint damage is often the first time a homeowner will notice a roofing issue. Tracing the leak back north to the attic and eventually to the roof. If you keep up with periodic visual inspections you will be able to identify these trouble spots before they cause you any problems.

5. How old is your roof?

Roofs will last anywhere from 15-25 years in the New England climate. If your roof is exhibiting any of the signs discussed in this blog you need to start planning. At Home Sweet Home Builders, LLC we install the CertainTeed Integrity Roofing System with a lifetime transferable warranty that includes 50 years of full material and labor coverage. The roof warranty even pro-rates after the 50 year mark, this kind of coverage is the best in the business and only available through the highest credentialed installers. Once you put a new roof on with Home Sweet Home Builders, LLC you receive a written, transferable lifetime warranty so you don’t have to worry about doing another roofing project again!

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