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Renovation Project Planning

Renovation Project Planning

Are you planning for an upcoming home renovation project? Make sure you’re asking the right questions, to yourself and to your contractor, before giving the green light.

Who? Who is going to complete the work? Are you going to tackle this project yourself, or call in a contractor? Or is it a combination of both? Maybe you want to handle the demo portion to give your contractor a jump-start on things.

What? What is the scope of work on the project you want done? The entire scope, from start to finish, likely involves more moving parts than you initially think. For example, do you want to update your home to an open-concept space? Any structural wall being removed will need to be replaced with a new support beam. Removing a wall can also mean re-working electrical, plumbing, and potentially HVAC ductwork. And then there is the floor. Are you covering the patch of missing flooring with a new kitchen island? Or do you need to weave in some new hardwood or tile to match the existing floor? These are things to keep in mind when you're tallying up for a budget. Your designer can assist with planning and purchasing the right materials to make the space feel seamless once it’s opened up.

Often times, we will consult and work on one project, and while we have walls open, etc. the homeowner adds additional work. Keep in mind the additional time that this will add to the overall finish date. Your contractor may need to put additional work on hold too, if they are already committed to other projects, so let them know before the project starts if you're considering more than what is in your contract.

When? What is the expectation for completing the work? If you are remolding your kitchen or bathroom, please be cautious with timing. This is not weekend work, and often times your contractor will need a couple of months notice to schedule you in. Designing, drafting, and ordering new kitchen cabinets can take six weeks before the boxes even arrive at your door. Installation of flooring, cabinets, countertops and backsplash can take another few weeks. But, good things take time.

How much? What is your total budget? This is very important to consider. You should work with your contractor and designer on a realistic budget before you get started with any work, so that you are both on the same page. Sometimes, as they say, our eyes are bigger than our stomachs. Be honest with what yourself; what are the things that you cannot live without? Write them down. By listing out your top priorities, you might find other areas where you can spend a little less and still end up with a satisfactory result.

The Variables – Even simple things like doorknobs or paint can drive up the cost of the project. Specific finishes, such as oil-rubbed bronze, are typically going to cost more than a nickel or brass finish. Are you moving any windows or door locations? This will immediately add to the bill, as you are also adding exterior work (siding, insulation, trim and paint).

This is a lot of information to consider, but it is worth investing some planning time up front in order to get the results you want, especially on one of your biggest assets, your home!

When you're ready to start planning your next home renovation project, let us know here.

The pictures below show before and after of a home addition project.

We supported the old exterior wall of the house with a new LVL beam, to completely open up the existing living space to the new room.

Here is the new space after the drywall went up.

We continued the same wood flooring into the new living space.

Here are a few pictures of a kitchen renovation project we worked on in Charlestown. In this project, we added a half wall in the new layout, allowing more lower cabinet storage. We needed to re-locate some plumbing and electrical to accommodate the appliance layout.

And here is the finished kitchen-

Adding an island to your kitchen is a great way to add both storage and function. This client chose to add a stove cooktop on one side, allowing both prep and cook space.

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