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Project Spotlight - Replacement Windows

Project Spotlight - Replacement Windows in Arlington, MA

This week we’re highlighting a replacement window installation job. Our team was able to completely replace 7 windows and a front entry door for a home in just one day.

Check out the photos below that highlight each important step of the process.

If you would like more information on replacement windows, or would like chat with our team, let us know here.

Here is a snapshot of one of the existing windows; not very energy efficient compared to today's standards!

First step toward replacing this old window is removing the trim. If you're re-using any trim, be cautious when removing it. It's easy to snap a piece of wood that is nailed in place.

We have removed both window panes at this point. You must cut the ropes on either side of the window pocket. Once you have cut the ropes, the window panes should easily come out.

Pictured below - Window pocket weight! This is how an old window opened - weight goes down, window goes up.

Next, we removed the old window frame and cleaned off any debris from the sill. Below is the new window frame going in.

Once the new frame is attached, use a putty knife and fiberglass batt insulation to fill in the spaces around the new window frame. This will ensure no airflow between the existing sill and the new window. The putty knife allows you to easily fill in the gap space between the new and old frames without hurting your fingers. Batt insulation is preferred because a spray foam insulation will expand and potentially cause issues with the window.

New window sill done.

New window installation complete! These Harvey Building Products windows hardly look like replacements at all!

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