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Attic Airflow 101

Attic Airflow 101

Today, we want to share some useful information for all you homeowners out there wondering if attic maintenance is a thing.

Your home's attic is one of those places that can be a bit mysterious if it remains an unfinished space. If you have room to crawl or walk around up there, make sure you plan a quick visit every once and while to observe the conditions.

Things to pay attention to while you're in the attic - Is it far hotter that the outside temperature in the summer, or far colder than the outside temperature in the winter? Does it smell mildewy? If you answered yes to any of these, then you may have an airflow issue.

Often times when we are called to replace a roof it may be because there has been a leak into the home, but part of installing a new roof is making sure that your attic gets proper ventilation too. A typical roof installation includes adding ridge vents, and soffit vents (if there are not already some there). These two vent types need to co-exist in order to work. The ridge vent sits on the top ridge of the roof, where hot air inside the attic can escape, while soffit vents draw in cooler air to the attic from underneath the eaves.

If your home has gable vents, you likely do not have a ridge and soffit system. Either way, you need some kind of system to circulate the air, or else you are increasing the probability for mold growth and ice dams.

Just this past week, we installed a set of powered roof vents, which are basically big fans on top of your roof, that will draw out hot or cold air very quickly and help regulate the temperature in your home's attic. They work by automatically turning on and off triggered by a thermostat unit in the attic, and can be electric or solar-powered.

As every home has its quirks and unique design, there will be pluses and minuses to each ventilation system. Speak with your local contractor to see what the best option is for your home. If you're in the Greater Boston area, feel free to reach out to our team for all your roofing needs!

Quick guide to common ventilation products.

Below is an example of a solar-powered roof vent fan.

Example of Ridge vent and soffit below.

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