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New Year's Resolution ideas for your home

2018 is here...Resolution Ideas for your home

It’s January 1st, and per usual we are all thinking about personal goals for this year - Eat better, spend more time with family and friends, travel more, etc. But how many of you set goals for your home? If you don’t already, you should! Since your home is probably one of, if not the biggest asset you have, why wouldn’t you set some time to plan goals out for the year? Here are a few ideas if you need some help getting started.

Maintenance – Perhaps a goal for your home is simply doing a better job of completing maintenance tasks throughout the year to keep abreast of any potential issues that could come up. Checking on smoke detectors, stocking up on light bulbs, flushing out drain pipes and septic systems, etc. are all quick examples of things that you can add to your list. These are all things that can be done in a day or less. Larger maintenance projects would be putting on a new roof, installing new windows to have better energy efficiency, and cleaning out an attic or basement from clutter.

Renovations – This is a big one, which will require some conceptualizing, designing, and thus a more extensive planning period. Call your contractor and have them come out during the winter to chat about projects you want to have done this year. Most likely, they are booking up quickly to fill their own 2018 schedule, so if you’re serious about completing a project this year, schedule the consultation now. Renovations such as kitchens, bathrooms, basement finishing, or additions take a good amount of time to estimate, get permitting done, and schedule. In general, you should allow 2-3 months of lead-time before project start date. Your contracting team can walk you through the process if you’re unsure on how to plan everything out.

Curb Appeal - It may be difficult to think about right now, as temperatures are below zero and we aren’t generally spending much time frolicking around outside. But it’s good to plan ahead and set a budget for the spring or summer projects you’d like to complete. Perhaps this is the year for a new fence, new shrubbery, planting more flowerbeds, repaving the driveway, etc… Whatever the project, be realistic with planning out your timeline and monetary budget needed. Make the calls now to landscaping companies to get on their schedule, and it’s one less thing you’ll have to deal with come the spring cleanup busy season.

With any of these resolutions for your home, as with all resolutions in general, our biggest piece of advice is to write them down, and then keep track of the progress. Set calendar reminders in your email or on your phone as motivation to keep you on track.

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