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#FridayFive - Top Paint Colors for 2018

#FridayFive - Top Paint Colors for 2018

As we approach March, shaking out those last few flakes (hopefully!) from the top of the snow globe, many of us are planning a Spring refresh for our homes. With that thought in mind, I thought I would share my top 5 paint colors from Benjamin Moore.

Each color is pictured below with samples of various colors of wood beneath it. This is simply to illustrate how each color can work in your home, based on the design features you already have.

Color #1: Carolina Gull

Love, love, love this color! There are so many places I would use this color option. An office, a bathroom, a mudroom...It's just a pleasing color to look at. This green-gray is my spirit-color (is that a thing?). Carolina Gull is among the picks for 2018 Color Trends. Check out the others here.

I chose this color as my top pick because I cannot find a better calming neutral, and it looks amazing with all of the wood colors shown below.

Color #2: Nantucket Breeze

This color is a great neutral. It works well with any wood tone you pair it with. Like Nantucket itself, it has a relaxed, beach-y vibe. You could easily paint your entire home this one color, and then accessorize with rugs, artwork, greenery, etc. to fine tune your unique style. My favorite pairing is with the darkest wood floor shown below. Now add in some pretty white kitchen cabinetry, and you may as well be on Nantucket itself!

Color #3: Gray Owl

Another rock star neutral. If you're looking for a gray that plays well with color, this is a great option. It pulls slightly blue-green, depending on how much sunlight there is in the room. This color would be great in any bedroom or living area. Punch it up with some colorful bedding, rugs or pillows. Or even keep it neutral with a cheery white sofa on a natural jute fiber rug. The options are endless, as this color does not deter your eye away from other focal points in the room, but is there to provide a softened background for your furniture to shine.

Color #4: Summer Nights

Not only does this color have a fun name, it transports my mind to a tropical island. I can just picture a room with a nautical theme - oars hanging on the wall, driftwood colored furniture, and shutters on the windows. It also has a very sophisticated way about it.

This would be a perfect color option for a 3-season porch, mudroom/laundry room, or even living room if you like bold colors that carry undertones of a traditional palette.

Color #5: Mauve Bauhaus

This color is inspired by the Pantone Color of the Year.

I am not usually drawn to purple hues, but this one is more versatile than you'd initially think. With the right accent colors, it can be an elegant choice. This particular shade of purple pulls slightly blue to my eyes, and I think that's why I like it. With black and dark blue undertones, the color isn't screaming at you, rather, it politely exudes it's royal-ness.

What colors on your list this year? Leave a comment below. Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram. If you have a renovation project you want to chat about, let us know here.

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