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Demo Day or Let it Stay?

Demo Day or Let it Stay?

You found it: the perfect lot in the perfect neighborhood! Now, what to do with the house currently sitting on that lot. It's pretty dilapidated, but it could be revived with enough TLC. Or do you go the tear-down and re-build route? Both will be a hefty fee in terms of time and which is the better option?

Today, we are featuring a home build that we completed in 2012. Working with the homeowners, we ended up finding a great piece of land, in a great town, and built the custom home of their dreams. They decided on building a brand new home for a few reasons. First, the overall size of the existing house was too small for this family of 6. The house was in very bad shape structurally, so sinking money into it did not make sense unless we were keeping the same size and layout. Next, the existing house was situated at the front left corner of the lot, making the street and neighboring home closer than necessary. We re-located the foundation to the middle of the lot, allowing a much larger home to be built, and a much better aesthetic from street view.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, deciding whether demolishing a house and starting over, or renovating from top to bottom is the better fit, work with your real estate agent, contractor, and town building department to weigh the options before you make any decisions. Your real estate agent can give you an idea of the value of that home once it's completed to see what will be more beneficial over the long-term. Your contractor can give you ballpark costs on the work. And your town building department can tell you if there are any challenges (setbacks, conservation, etc) with the property.

Below are some before and after photos of the new home build. Let us know if you have a project that needs consulting. Contact our team for free estimates today.

From this house...

To this beautiful custom build.

A look from the kitchen area towards the dining room and front entry-

Master bedroom with vaulted ceilings

Plaster board complete in entry

We added a window bench with lift-up lids in the kids' bathroom for extra storage

Kitchen cabinets ready for install

Finished entryway

Wainscoting for a timeless look in the dining room

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