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Spotlight On: Basement Remodels

Spotlight On: Basement Remodels

Most homes in New England have them- a below-grade space where creepy-crawly things lurk in the corners...also known as a basement. BUT, these spaces can be turned into beautiful, bright, clean, and useful rooms! And we're sharing the proof today.

The Home Sweet Home team has remodeled and finished plenty of basements over the last decade. Today, we want to highlight some features that you can add to your basement to maximize its utility.

First and foremost, you should evaluate the basement for any water damage/mold, or potential for water to leak in, and resolve if it is an issue. Once the space is clean and dry, consider what use the room(s) will best serve. Maybe you need a kid zone, where toys and games are the focus so they aren't cramping your space upstairs. Maybe you need a lounge or hangout area for when you entertain guests. Maybe you need a workshop, kitchen, or gym.

Whatever the use is going to be, keep that in mind when you choose flooring. A tiled floor is highly recommended as it will be the most durable over time, and easy clean. A floating floor will be a good option for dampening some noise and it is slightly more forgiving when you drop something. Rubber mat squares are a good option if you are adding a gym, as you can scrub down sections outside when needed, and provide a cushioned step.

Flooring is just one piece of the puzzle, which you and your contractor will need to figure out. While you're mulling over the potential of your home's basement, below are some fun rooms that we worked on recently.

First up is a basement being used as a sports bar and entertaining room. As you will see, our client added some fun touches, like the remote-controlled under-mount lights on the bar that can be changed to various colors. The multi level bar has plenty of storage and space to serve food and drinks. We used a wood-look tile in the space to keep things bright and clean. Opposite the bar is a lounge area, great for game day viewing parties.

On the project featured in the gallery below, we created various rooms that our clients needed. The largest space is the playroom, which you enter at the bottom of the stairs. It has built-in wall shelves for games and toys, and features engineered wood flooring. We added a bedroom, and a large bathroom. Also added (not pictured) is a large storage closet under the stairwell, a large pantry closet with refrigerator, and and large workshop room for tools and outdoor items. This basement feels so light and bright because the backside of the house/basement is actually above grade, so you can walk right outside without the hassle of a bulkhead. We were able to use full size windows in the bedroom and bathroom to allow maximum natural light in. The bathroom is a showstopper. It has an oversized shower, with a built-in bench, wall niche, handheld sprayer, and glass wall surround. The vanity and linen closet provide plenty of storage, and the built-in wall shelves next to the toilet provide a space to add some fun accessories to punch up the neutral color palette throughout.

If you have any questions about these projects, or want more information on how you can create a space like this in your home, let us know!

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