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Demo to Done in a flash!

Mythbusting HGTV Transformation Timelines

With the growing popularity of TV shows explaining how you can transform a run-down fixer upper home into a pristine work of art, comes a little of bit TV magic.

While it is certainly possible to make dramatic home improvements in a short amount of time, it is also not typical to complete a full kitchen or bathroom renovation in just two or three weeks. Wouldn’t that be great though? Take a quick vacation, and come home to a brand new kitchen or bathroom? The greater purpose behind these shows is to illustrate the potential that your current home has to transform into a highly efficient use of space to fit your family's needs, while also being styled beautifully. We are fans of the design inspiration and also educating consumers on the process and new product options.

Let’s talk about bathroom renovations for a minute. Did you know that if you’re planning to gut and re-build your bathroom, there are at least 6 different inspections that are required? That’s a lot of time and schedules to take into consideration. And like most of the workforce, inspectors do not make appointments on the weekends.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what to expect:

During the demo and re-design phase, you need to have ‘Rough’ inspections done, including the following – Plumbing, Electrical, Framing, and HVAC (this last one may or may not apply to you). Once those are completed, you can start to put things back together again. But not without an Insulation inspection done first. Now you can put those wallboards up. When you think you’re at a finished stage, you will need to call the inspectors back out for the following – Finished Electrical, Finished Plumbing, and Finished Build. Let’s just say, you will likely learn a few names at your local building department by the time you’re done with any home renovation project.

With all of these steps taken into consideration, how do they make those great TV shows look so easy? Well, they probably have a large team of people coordinating behind the scenes to line up inspections for the project to quickly move along. But don’t forget, TV shows are edited! They can take snippets from weeks apart and make everything look seamless. TV magic!

Luckily, at Home Sweet Home, we have been in the industry for more than a decade, so we will not promise you any un-realistic timelines or budgets. Prior to any project start date, we will give you a full run-through on each phase of construction, so you can properly plan your calendar for any disruptions. Check in with our team for any planning questions you have!

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