Outdoor Living - Deck Building Basics

November 30, 2018

Outdoor Living - Deck Building Basics


Everyone loves a backyard deck, right?


For New Englanders, and those living in similar climates, a deck immediately means warm-weather entertainment. Grilling, lounging, a gathering place for friends and family, we surely miss it once it is blanketed in snow up to your knees.

Some homes have the misfortune of a sub-par deck being attached, and that is just cruel...brings down the home's whole reputation, no? 


We want everyone to enjoy a safe, comfortable place to hang out, so we thought for the greater good, let's share some knowledge! 



To get on the building and renovation schedule for Spring/Summer 2019, contact our team now. We can walk you through the project planning and budgeting phase now, so you're ready to push play when the temps starting making a steady climb!  


For now, we found a really great reference guide from 'This Old House Magazine' for anyone curious to learn about the materials used in building a deck. 

Click here to check it out!



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