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Tile Trends

Classic or Trendy?

As we waved goodbye to 2018, a time of reflection kicks in automatically. Looking at the projects we have completed this year, there was a pattern of clients choosing neutral-colored base materials and pops of fun personality in places like backsplashes, paint colors, and adding feature walls. It's your home, of course you want to add your stamp of creativeness to it! We love it when clients add signature elements to their home, so we want to share a couple of basic tips on how to best choose the materials for your space.

One of the easiest ways to change or update a space is with fresh, new tile. If you have visited a tile showroom recently, you certainly know that it can be overwhelming to make a selection with so many solid options. Our advice is to first think about the style of your home (colonial, bungalow, victorian, etc.) and only consider styles that match or coordinate with the home's style. Think about what materials, styles, and patterns would have been used when the home was built, what organically fits. This will eliminate a lot of the noise around you (example - bold-colored geometric patterned tile will likely look out of place in a colonial style home; go for the classic shapes, i.e. subway, hexagon, basketweave, and subtle colors). You may be drawn to those unique and bold tiles in store, and who isn't from time to time, but perhaps they are best used in other applications?

(These tiles shown below are great in small doses...meaning fireplace surrounds, shower niches, or other small accent areas. They're not great covering large sections of floor or wall space, as they can be dizzying to the eye.)

When guests visit your home, you don't want them to focus on some aspect that seems out of place, rather, you want them to feel comfortable that their surroundings are working in harmony to create a consistent style identity. If you are unsure of how to accomplish this, there are great resources available online to gather inspiration - Pinterest, HGTV and DIY Network websites, or even seeking out local Interior Design professionals. This is our second tip, get a second opinion! If you prefer a low-key way of gathering information and reviews, visit your friends and family's homes that have similar styles, and ask what tile they used.

As we kick off 2019, we're looking forward to working with new clients on new renovation projects! If a bathroom renovation is in your future, check out this article of top design trends on the Elle Decor website, here. It shows us examples of how trends and classic looks can work together to create totally unique spaces. Leave a comment below with your favorite trend!

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