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Featured Project - Bathroom Renovation

Project Spotlight - Bathroom Renovation in Arlington, MA

Clean. Modern. Classic.

These are the words that best describe this bathroom renovation we recently completed in Arlington, MA. Our clients knew exactly the look they wanted, choosing colors and features that matched their lifestyle. Living in a smaller home meant maximizing the functionality of this space. As you scroll through the finished photos, you'll see unique features that amp up the user-friendly-ness of this room.

First, let's take a peek at the before.

The bathroom was not in terrible shape, just a bit outdated. Our clients were looking for to add features such as a curb-less shower pan, new linen storage, and re-locating the shower valves to the opposite shower wall.

We did a full gut of the room. With a new fixture setup in the shower, we had to run plumbing to the opposite wall, as well as in the ceiling for a rain shower head. We also framed out a spot for their medicine cabinet, and added block framing (seen in photo below) for a grab bar, and shower wall bench.

Re-framed, new insulation, and plaster walls. This room is now ready for shower install, tiling, and finishes.

Let's take a look around the finished bathroom.

Wall-mounted vanity.

Medicine cabinet, with built-in lighting (brightness level can be adjusted). How cool?

Remember that linen storage in the wall? There is now a hallway-facing full-length closet instead.

Hate when your arm gets wet turning the water on in your shower? Problem solved, re-locate the valves!

Teak, wall-mounted shower bench, folds up when not in use.

Let us know what you think of this renovation project. And if you're thinking of completing a similar project, let us know here.

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