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Ryan Conlon

Owner / Director of Sales

As a co-owner and founding partner, I have been successfully planning and completing projects with Home Sweet Home Builders since 2009. 

As Director of Sales, my team and I put a heavy emphasis on pre-construction planning and “discovery phases”, to anticipate and game-plan all the challenging details that arise during a home renovation.


I hold an unrestricted construction supervisor license in the State of Massachusetts. Working hand-in-hand with clients throughout all phases of pre-construction and beyond, my goal is to align our clients' vision, design, and budget, to transform projects from paper to reality. Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my family, playing golf, and a good old BBQ!


Walter Russell

Owner / Project Operations

Since founding HSH in 2009, I have been involved with each aspect of project management, ensuring all projects are run smoothly. 

I am passionate about anything building or construction-related; love working on site and behind the scenes to make our clients' dreams come true. Through hard work, transparency and collaboration, my goal is to guide each project to a successful finish. I enjoy spending my days off being outside in nature, spending time with friends and family, four-wheeling, boating, and barbecuing.

“Our Team is more like a family; we support each other when we need it and help raise each other up whenever possible. A project’s success is truly a reflection of everyone on our Team and their dedication to a quality product.”

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David DeSimone

Project Manager

coming soon


Andrea Russell

Design Coordinator / Marketing

Hi, I’m Andrea! My role with HSH is to facilitate the design selection process between clients, vendors, and our team. 

With a background in marketing, I love a good design puzzle…figuring out what finish materials work best in a space. 

I help our clients with ordering things on time, staying on budget, and overall aesthetic.

Beyond work, I love all things home-related...decorating, organizing, cooking, spending time with my family and pups, and learning new things.  


Jessica Conlon

Office Administrator

My name is Jessica Conlon I’m a Project administrator for Home Sweet Home Builders. Some of my responsibilities consist of permitting, invoicing, and accounting tasks. Reasons I enjoy working for HSH is the company’s culture and values, the encouragement to come up with your own new ideas, and the flexibility they give me for my family needs. In my spare time I enjoy playing golf, watching Patriots games, and hanging with my family.

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